miniprints painting clinic

As part of the excellent NMRAx GatewayX convention on Thursday, July 16th, I presented an online clinic on the steps I use to realistically paint my miniprints 3d printed miniatures to make my model railroad come alive.  It was my first time ever presenting a clinic and it was a lot of fun. The one-hour clinic was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. A number of people who missed the live stream asked if the clinic could be re-posted – so here it is:

These are the steps that work for me and I’m sure that there are many other techniques that you can apply to bring your resin 3d prints to life. Do you have a technique that works for you? Are you proud of your miniprints paint job? I’d really like to see your work!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and pictures with me at and post any suggestions, comments or questions.

I hope that the clinic above will be of interest to you and help to bring your miniprints to life. Happy modeling!

A Modeler’s Life Podcast

No one could ever dispute that model railroaders can be very resourceful when it comes to filling a need for their layout and this story is no different. With the need to find a realistic beaver for a small pond on his layout, Bernard Hellen has created one of the most complete 3-D printing resources in the hobby. With his imagination and suggestions from modelers around the word the possibilities are endless.

So, grab yourself a big bowl of shredded beaver tails, a tall glass of warm pond water and enjoy!!

TSG Live Model Railroading

On July 17th, 2021 TSG Live Model Railroading featured Bernard Hellen of miniprints talking about going down the rabbit hole.  It was a great discussion about super detailing scenes.  We also discuss 3D printing, both as a technology and as a means to super detail scenes on a layout. It was a lot of fun!

Who’s Big Bill Talking to?

On May 5th, Bernard Hellen, the Founder of miniprints was a guest on Model Railroading Live on YouTube. Bernard joined ‘Big’ Bill Graham for a lively Q&A session on 3D printing and all things mini. Enjoy.

Looking good…will be much welcomed addition to my club The Hamilton Society of Model Railroads – HSMR.

Kenneth Fielding

Hamilton, ON