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for only $24.99USD/month.  SAVE when you subscribe and get exclusive miniprints right to your door.

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miniprints creates scale craftsman quality 3d printed figures to make your model railroad layout come alive!

You will receive a monthly miniprints subscription box for $24.99 USD/month. The best HO scale miniprints model figures – specially created and delivered to you.

Each month you will receive a selection of HO scale figures:

  • animal miniprints
  • seasonal miniprints
  • mystery miniprints

Monthly subscriptions automatically renews.

Ships out the 15th of each month.

Cancel anytime.

Is shipping included?

YES. Shipping is included in the $24.99 per month subscription fee for Canada and the contiguous U.S. Please contact us for international postage rates.

Satisfaction guaranteed.*

This is your November miniprints selection. Includes two hunters, two pheasants, two turkeys, two hunting hounds and a couple of flying pigs. (figures come unpainted). Get it now for ONLY $24.99 USD.

Why subscribe?

  • Get HO scale figures (unpainted) delivered to your door monthly
  • Get more miniprints for less. Only $24.99 USD/month
  • Get an additional 15% off everything at
  • Exclusives – Special miniprints only for subscribers
  • Subscribers only newsletter with special contests and giveaways

* The FINE PRINT: We want you to be happy. Actually no, we want you to be ecstatically delighted with your monthly miniprints subscription. Satisfaction is GUARANTEED on all our models or we will make it right. All miniprints are covered by a breakage warranty. If it breaks in shipping we will replace it for free. If you break it we will also replace it for free, all we ask is that you pay the postage.

The monthly plan renews at $24.99 USD on the 1st of every month automatically until you cancel. (which we hope that you wont do).

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