Realistic scale modern model railroaders
in N, HO, S and O scales

“3 to a hitch, 1543”.

miniprints creates scale craftsman quality 3d printed figures to make your model railroad layout come alive!

We are proud to announce CustomCrews. Finally accurate, modern crews are now available for your model railroad in HO, S and O scales.

miniprints posted on FB looking for prototype pics of real railroaders doing what they do, and Nick Suruskie was kind enough to send in this photo. Seemed like a good pose to model. Thanks Nick, you’re now a miniprint!

Nick Suruskie modeling for miniprints. Photo credit: Nicholas Hofke

HO scale Nick on Bernard Hellen’s QGRY layout.

modern. accurate. detailed.

We will be adding new figures and many more characters and poses are planned. But we need your help!!!! PLEASE let us know what you’d like to see.

Photo references are greatly appreciated and who knows… maybe like Nick, you’ll be immortalized in HO scale!

We will also be adding realistic figures from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s – we’re just starting with the modern figures for now.

All CustomCrews are available in N, HO, S and O scales. Please select the item and then choose your required scale.

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