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February 22, 2020


Well, sort of.  As I mentioned in my last post, I bought a resin printer. So it was time to put it to work. But what should I make?

As I lamented, 5 years ago, ‘Why doesn’t anyone make a HO scale beaver?


I found moose, deer, bears, even wolves, but no beavers. The beaver is iconic. A Canadian symbol. The beaver (and it’s pelt) lured the explorers to this land. Hell, the beaver is so important it’s even on the shield of the Canadian Pacific Railway. So… I made one!


Damn (get it? beaver puns) these things are small.

I posted my creations to the Facebook group Canadian Railway Modellers and suddenly started getting requests, so NOW AVAILABLE to you (from me), HO scale beavers. I’m offering 8 beavers in 3 poses (see below):

3 x sitting
3 x standing up
2 x swimming

for $20 (postage included) to any Canadian address, and $25 US to any US address.


The full set of 8 in all its glory.


Three (out)standing beavers


Three sitting beavers (ready to gnaw wood).


..and…two swimmers.

They look great painted up and satisfaction is guaranteed!

So if you’re looking for a little Canadian beaver (groan), email me at bernard (at) trafficdesign.ca and I’d me happy to make you a set.

P.S. Due to a few requests, they are coming soon in O scale.



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  1. Stephen Gardiner

    Great work Bernard, I’m glad your experiments with your home machine are going well. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it sometime and the challenges you have run into no doubt and how they have been resolved. Machines like this are starting to be at the point of price and quality based on what you’re doing and what I saw from a friend doing N scale stuff today at Copetown with the same or similar machine.





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