Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tank


One miniature model of an Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tanks. 2 piece model for easy painting (tank and trailer). Satisfaction IS guaranteed. Please contact us for volume pricing.

Scale model railroading‎ details available in N, HO, S & O scales. miniprints 3d prints craftsman-quality 3D vehicles, figures and animals that make your model railroad layout come alive.

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Anhydrous ammonia is a highly effective fertilizer that helps farmers feed our growing population and replenish nutrients in the soil. As a fertilizer, it provides essential nitrogen for plants and is imperative that proper precautions are taken to ensure that it is handled correctly.

Nurse tanks are used to transport anhydrous ammonia as a liquid under pressure from the dealer to the field. Tanks are most often either 1,000 or 1,500 gallons in size although 2000 gallon nurse tanks may be seen.


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