Backyard Bunker


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Designed by Spencer Barclay available exclusively at

HO Scale Shelter + hatch + lid + mounting template

A miniature model of a 1960s backyard bomb shelter. Includes shelter, hatch and cover. TV and figures sold separately. Model the front of your fascia. Conceived and designed by our good friend and miniature artist Spencer Barclay of Loading Doc Productions.

Please choose if you would like painted OR unpainted miniprints. Painting your miniprints will add an average of 2 weeks processing time to your order. Our 100% no breakage guarantee still applies IF the item arrives broken but NOT if you break the item. Paint style is up to our artists but your satisfaction IS guaranteed.

Please contact us for volume pricing.


In 1961 he year of the fallout shelter had begun. As TIME—which generally took a rah-rah tone on shelter-building—tracked the trend over the next months, a major public effort began to mark and equip existing public shelters and encourage individuals to build their own versions. A Gallup poll that August revealed that 3 million families had made changes to their homes for the purpose of protection, and another 9 million had stocked up on food. Some builders reported being overwhelmed by orders for shelters that would meet Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization standards: concrete or metal, under either three feet of soil or two feet of concrete or three inches of lead, with enough space for its occupants. A Department of Defense booklet about preparation was a runaway hit. Though it could be expensive to get a regulation prefab shelter installed, many people made do with simple DIY options.


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