Timmy Fell Down The Well (Bundle)


INTRODUCING Beneath the Tracks
Subterranean Scenes for your Model Railroad Layout
Designed by Spencer Barclay available exclusively at miniprints.com

Springfield Show Special Bundle: 1x well, 1x Lassie and 1x Timmy

A miniature model of a well in N, HO, S or O scale. A scale 20 feet deep. Model the front of your fascia. Conceived and designed by our good friend and miniature artist Spencer Barclay of Loading Doc Productions.

Please choose if you would like painted OR unpainted miniprints. Painting your miniprints will add an average of 2 weeks processing time to your order. Our 100% no breakage guarantee still applies IF the item arrives broken but NOT if you break the item. Paint style is up to our artists but your satisfaction IS guaranteed.

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What's that Lassie? Timmy fell into the well?

Did Timmy really fall into the well? No. But in the classic TV show, Lassie, the dog was always saving Timmy from one thing or another. Photo credit: Spencer Barclay


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