Close to the EDGE 2


Introducing the second figure in a series entitled: Don’t push me ’cause I’m close to the edge (with apologies to Grandmaster Flash).

Here there be monsters. What lies outside the boundary of the known layout edge and into the great beyond? We’ll never know, but this figure sees something out there!  Figure comes unpainted. Thanks to Brett who modeled the there be monsters pose.

Here there be monsters was a phrase written on old maps to indicate unchartered waters. Ancient cartographers didn’t really know what was out there before the great explorers had sort of touched all the four corners of the globe. What was beyond the explored region was a question mark.

Lots of times on maps, unknown areas were depicted with sea monsters or dragons and it was often written, ‘Here there be monsters’ or ‘Here there be dragons’ (hic sunt dracones). The phrase is simply a variation on HIC SVNT LEONES ("here are lions"), the classical phrase used by medieval cartographers to denote unknown territories on maps. Because they didn’t know at the time what was out there, the assumption was there was something terrible waiting for them.


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