CP Plywood Sheathed Van Shell


miniprints is proud to represent Prince Street models and offer Chris Mears’ excellent CP Plywood Sheathed Van model in N Scale.
Included is one unpainted 3d printed N Scale shell.
Orders start July 6th with a model Release Date of August 2nd.
The model’s one piece shell clips directly onto N scale’s most popular cabooses: the Santa Fe style cabooses sold by most N scale manufacturers. Not just a floor that donor caboose also provides trucks and couplers, and also reuses the end railings that otherwise might be  difficult to fabricate. Adding one of these CPR caboose shells just could not be simpler.
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Ordering starts July 6th with a Release Date of August 2nd.

To our knowledge, no one has incorporated Prince Streets' edit to reuse the floor and details from an Atlas caboose to model this CPR Plywood caboose.

This model represents a CPR plywood sheathed caboose. These classic Canadian vans were fixtures on CPR branchline service across the country and operated in every province the CPR itself did--coast to coast from the CPR's Dominion Atlantic in Nova Scotia to CPR's Esquimalt & Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The prototypes remained in service through the late 1970's.
Based on the actual blueprints these unique models include some special design features. The shell is made thinner at each window so glazing sits nearly flush. Handrails on the shell itself are "cast in place" but with a slight reveal added to each so a pin wash will make them look freestanding without sacrificing proportions or scale size.

You can check out the prototype here: http://rmeo.org/cp-wood-caboose-437183/


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