Holly the Equestrian


One unpainted miniature Holly the Equestrian. Add this fine special edition miniature Holly and her horse to your model railroad and make your layout come alive. ALL proceeds from sales are going to Out of the Ashes Large Animal Rescue to provide a forever home to large (and occasionally small) animals in need.

Out of the Ashes Large Animal Rescue all began in 2011, when they rescued their first ever horse, Cyrus. When he arrived, Cyrus was on deaths door, and the vets were unsure he would even make the night. Sure enough, he made the night, then the next, and the next, and the rest is history. Cyrus is still with them today, and he is still the 'top dog' of the herd.

 Being able to help him sparked a love for rescuing, and thus our journey began.Throughout the past 11 years, Out of the Ashes have been helping those who can't help themselves, and in June of 2022 - they officially became a registered charity.



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