Hot Tub


One hot tub. Item comes unpainted.

Scale model railroading‎ details available in HO, S & O scales. miniprints 3d prints craftsman-quality 3D objects, figures and animals that make your model railroad layout come alive.

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Hot tubs have been used for hundreds of years. As early as 552 AD, people in Japan used the warmth of hot springs to bathe. The water was heated by the magma found in a nearby volcano. Locals believed that bathing in the warm water could purify the body and bring good luck. Closer to home, the Romans used natural hot springs in Bath to relax and de-stress.

Humans aren’t the only ones to enjoy a hot tub soak. Monkeys have been found in Nagano Prefecture in Japan enjoying a soak in the warm waters of a natural hot spring. They visit the pools during the winter months as a way to keep warm.


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