4x squirrels.

Unpainted 3d resin prints. Satisfaction IS guaranteed.

Please contact us for volume pricing.


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Wait, what I was trying to say before I got interrupted was... SQUIRREL!

Sorry I lost my train of thought, I was distracted and trying to announce... SQUIRREL!


1 review for Squirrels

  1. Craig Williams (verified owner)

    The squirrels are molded in a “pose” that’s that distinctive “squirrel” pose. You can see it from a mile away, even in HO scale. Well, maybe not a mile, but from the aisle for sure. I’ve washed mine in a combination of brown and grey and have placed them on porch railings, on fences, and other typical places squirrels frequent. They are mistakenly a squirrel and add a lot to the believability of the railroad. I will purchase these again.

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