Undead Rider – Glow-in-the-Dark


He’s back for 2022 and updated to GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!!!!!!! This is a special limited edition signature artpiece for Halloween 2022.

miniprints has released a second run of the undead Rider. This piece SOLD out last year. Limited to only 10 pieces in HO, the Undead Rider on his Skeleton Horse is priced at $50 US per set. A small number may also be made available in S and O scales if there are specific requests.

Comes in white and pre-assembled. Please note that if your undead rider arrives broken, we will replace it at no charge; however we do not offer the no breakage guarantee on this item after that.

miniprints loves the odd, weird, different and strange items that make your layout come alive...or come undead!


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