Year of the Dragon


One draco conflagratio horribilis that stands a scale 11 feet tall.

Red dragons sometimes referred to as flame dragons, fire wyrms, and mountain dragons were covetous, evil creatures, interested only in their own well-being, vanity and the extension of their treasure hoards.

Please choose if you would like painted OR unpainted miniprints. Painting your miniprints will add an average of 2 weeks processing time to your order. Our 100% no breakage guarantee still applies IF the item arrives broken but NOT if you break the item. Paint style is up to our artists.

Please contact us for volume pricing.


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Draconic creatures are first described in the mythologies of the ancient Near East and appear in ancient Mesopotamian art and literature. Stories about storm-gods slaying giant serpents occur throughout nearly all Near Eastern and Indo-European mythologies.


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