Portable Auger


An industry that fits anywhere!!!! Included is one portable auger in N or HO scale. This model is HUGE! Approx 36 scale feet long.

Unpainted 3d resin prints. Satisfaction IS guaranteed. Please contact us for volume pricing.

miniprints 3d prints craftsman-quality 3D objects, figures and animals that make your model railroad layout come alive.

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This model is based on a prototype photographed by Scott Thornton in his hometown of, Ames, Iowa. It was designed by Alex Young and miniprints.com is proud to offer it to you.

They receive salt cars exclusively from Kansas primarily. They usually receive 4-6 cars on their two-track spur off the UP main and the local communities send dump trucks to fill up. They store it for application to roads in the winter. The owner of the company has a small John Deere front loader that he uses to move the cars.

Scott wrote, "Also, the cars are either nice and clean because they are newer, or they are nasty rustbuckets because of the salt. The three in the photo are not typical as they are in between. It’s a neat little industry for model railroading."


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