The Crystal Cavern


INTRODUCING Beneath the Tracks #3 – The Crystal Cavern
Subterranean Scenes for your Model Railroad Layout

A miniature model of a subterranean crystal cave in HO scale. Printed in clear resin. Approx 4 inches wide x 2.25 inches high and 2 inches deep. Model the least modeled part of your layout – the front of your fascia. Conceived and designed by our good friend and miniature artist Spencer Barclay of Loading Doc Productions.

Your layout fascia. Necessary but boring; well no longer. If you're like most model railroaders, the only thing on your fascia is a throttle pocket, maybe a box for car cards and waybills and perhaps a toggle switch to operate your turnouts. This oft overlooked real estate is valuable modeling space. Now you can incorporate interesting and fun scenes into your fascia and model beneath the tracks.
miniprints the leader in innovative and fun 3d printed animals, figures and objects that make your model railroad layout come alive is happy to introduce the third in a series of Subterranean Scenes for your Model Railroad Layout.


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